Draughtsman Responsibility

 Creates working plans and detail drawings for MEP projects that are clear, thorough, and accurate using rough or detailed sketches or notes.

 To finish drawings, use your understanding of numerous drafting programmes and applications.

 Create MEP shop drawings, plans, sections, schematic diagrams, equipment schedules, and installation details for the equipment.

 Creates the final sketch of the suggested picture while checking the size of the sections, the materials to be utilised, how one part relates to another, and how different parts relate to the overall structure or project.

 Complete drawings by applying their understanding of diverse machines, engineering procedures, mathematics, building materials, and other physical sciences.

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We Provide

We Provide the Following Workforce in the Draughtsman in all Trades:

 Mechanical Draughtsman  Electrical Draughtsman  Plumbing Draughtsman  Infrastructural Draughtsman  Architectural Draughtsman
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